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Kate, Bristol

"I cannot recommend Sinead highly enough.  I had struggled with health issues that the doctors couldn't explain. I had never gone down a holistic route before but I was at a point that I was willing to try anything.  It has been the best decision I have ever made - Sinead's approach to getting to the source of the problem and not just treating the symptoms has been an absolute revelation.  


She is very thorough and has such a lovely, calm manner and really listens to your concerns.  She also empowers and guides you to help ensure you stay healthy."

Maria, Stroud

"I can honestly say that Sinead has changed my life for the better. I came to her with a lot of medical issues including PCOS, persistent digestive problems and migraines that had been dismissed repeatedly by many doctors and I was feeling riddled with anxiety and worry. Sinead has completely altered the way I live my life

I have had amazing results not only within my body, but I am a much happier, calmer person and I feel a lot healthier all round, mentally and physically."

Emma, Redland

"I don’t feel thank you is enough for your help but a huge thank you for making a big difference to our lives. I will never forget what you have done for our daughter."

Adam, Bristol

"Sinead helped me when I was at my lowest.  I have seen her a few times now and with the help of kinesiology and certain vitamins and minerals I am feeling a whole lot better, being able to cope with life so much more positively than before.  Sinead has helped me get back on track and I will always be thankful to her."

Sophie, Thornbury

"Thank you for bringing our son back. We cannot believe the difference 2 sessions have made after months of stress and worry. His anxiety has disappeared, he is happy with his friends at school, he seems very calm and confident. He thinks you are a magician and he talks about you all the time. Thank you - feeling blessed to have found you!"

Caroline, Clifton

"After just 2 kinesiology sessions with Sinead, the frequency of migraine headaches, which have plagued me for 15 years, dramatically reduced. I have tried many other alternative therapies over the years with no real relief and little understanding or explanation of the condition. I have since had a further treatment and I cannot stress just what a relief this is to me. I would highly recommend Sinead as a very professional, knowledgable and caring therapist who was, and still is, genuinely interested in my situation and recovery."

Annabelle, Bristol

"This is to say how after four months of feeling really unwell with feelings of nausea and loss of appetite and my doctor not knowing what was wrong that I decided to see Sinead.   After visiting Sinead twice I have to say how quickly my symptoms disappeared and that how I now feel so thank you Sinead for you kindness and your approach and sensitivity and mostly for treating me with such success"

Richard, Bristol

"I had been in and out of hospital for months with stomach and back pains, the doctors could not find out what was wrong with me. A friend recommended Sinead and I decided to give kinesiology a go! Sinead helped to ease the pains and after each session I felt stronger, happier and more positive. I tell everyone I see about Sinead and the amazing effect kinesiology had."

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